Emergency Visa

The urgent/emergency visa

Visa applications can be accepted under ‘Urgent/ Emergency’ category if applicants make out a case for service within 24 hours irrespective of any holidays/working hours. Explanatory letter explaining the urgency/ emergency must be attached to the application. Urgency has to be justified and will be examined on case to case basis. Service provider is not expected to accept frivolous or routine applications under ‘Urgent/Emergency’ category where no urgency is established or where applications do not need to be processed out of turn in order to meet the urgency.

Fee: Apart from the normal visa fee, an additional fee of €43 is charged by the Embassy for urgent/emergency visa service. Further, the service provider is authorized to charge enhanced service charges (or €35.30 where biometric enrolment is done) for urgent/emergency visa services.

Caution: Applicants are advised to beware of third party visa bureaus/ travel agents who charge a hefty amount from applicants for the urgent service. Fees once deposited is non-refundable even if visa is not granted or granted on a later date .Urgent/Emergency visa service is not recommended for certain types of visit, e.g., for regular employment, research, missionary visit, mountaineering, journalism, etc. Who can apply: Urgent/Emergency Visa service is meant for Dutch nationals who are ordinarily residing in the Netherlands.

Mode: Application for Urgent/Emergency Visa service has to be submitted in person at the BLS service center in The Hague only between 0900hrs-1200hrs

Time taken: Generally, the Embassy grants urgent/ emergency visa on the same day on which application is received at the Embassy. In case of incomplete documentation/requirement for additional documentation or other checks or a need for personal interview of the applicant, the Embassy reserves the right not to grant the visa on an urgent/emergency basis despite payment of fees for such a visa. All general conditions applicable to the type of visa applied for, will apply to urgent cases also.

Required Documents

  1. The applicant must provide complete documents as per the specific visa category checklist to enable processing application.

  2. General Declaration Form to be filled and signed by all applicants.

Visa Fee Schedule

Please note that the fees / processing charge is non-refundable and non-transferable
Mode of payment:

In Person:

Payment can be made by using the below mention modes only:

  1. Local Debit Card
  2. Cash

Note: Credit Card not accepted

Service Charge
In addition to the visa fee, below mentioned charges will be charged (per application):
BLS Service Charge- 35 Euro


  1. A Fee of Euro 25 is charged for US Nationals as Application Fee in addition to normal visa fee
  2. No fee fees(Gratis) is required for national of Afghanistan, Argentina, Bangladesh, DRSK, Jamaica, Maldives, Mauritius, South Africa, Uruguay
  3. No visa required for national of Bhutan and Nepal
  4. National of Bhutan and Nepal requires visa if entering from India.

The following revised visa fee (service charge) for Russian nationals:

For all type of visas (Excluding ICWF charges and Service Provider's Service Fee) Revised Indian visa fees (Service Charges) in Euros
Single Entry 59.10
Double Entry 121.10
Multiple Entry 158.10

Applicants with a foreign passport who are registered for more than 2 years in the Netherlands can submit an proof “uittreksel” from the gemeente stating the date of registration. Urgent cannot be accepted in case the telex/referral form has to be submitted.

Click below mention links to download forms

Online Visa Application Form

Sample Form Visa IVFRT

Online Visa Sample Form

VISA APPLICATION SUPPLEMENTARY FORM (to be filled by non-Dutch nationals and Dutch nationals resident out of The Netherlands

General Declaration Form

Telex refferal Form



Checklist for Business Visa is available for downloading from this section. Use the link given below to download the checklist.

Please follow specific Visa category Checklist


Processing time

Visa can be granted within the same day upon approval of the Embassy of India, The Hague.